Osho Zen tarot

A transcendental game of Zen.

The opportunity to paint these tarot paintings was an extraordinary gift from Osho, that began while He was still alive. Back then, my studio was in His residence and I painted most of the art there. So, while living and creating in an atmosphere of meditation, both the artwork, and this artist, became suffused with His profound message and grace. It would be impossible to separate the 79 paintings of this “transcendental game of Zen” from Osho, and all that He represents. I feel it is His essential teaching in pictorial form.

Since its first publication in 1995, this deck has been translated into 18 languages and has become a bridge into the world of meditation for tens of thousands of people.

All paintings from The Osho Zen Tarot are copyright © 1994 by Osho International Foundation.