Artist’s statement and CV

Painting is my passion and has been ever since I could hold a brush. Through it, I experience unity with a greater creative force, and from that union, I have gained a sense of purpose and meaning to life that now, I cannot imagine being without. My intention, in creating art, is to reveal the extraordinariness of the ordinary world, that often is overlooked or taken for granted.

The rugged landscape surrounding our studio is ideal for observing everyday miracles and it suits our temperaments perfectly. It offers the privacy we require, and inspires the creation of our art. It was from here, that we first realized our lives and our art were embracing, and so we named our studio Embrace Art.

Ma Deva Padma
Susan Morgan Ostapkowicz

Born near Boston, MA, USA in 1947

Exhibitions and presentations of her work

Kazari Collector, Melbourne, Australia (2006-2007)
Kazari, Melbourne, Australia (1997-2005)
Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra, Australia (2007)
Paintbox Fine Art London,UK (2007)
Art in Motion, British Columbia, Canada (2007)
Qdos Arts, Lorne, Victoria, Australia (2004-2007)
Exposures Gallery of Fine Arts, Sedona, Arizona USA (1998-2007)
Fo Guang Yuang Art Gallery and Museum, Melbourne, Australia (2002-2006)
Rushcutters Bay Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2005)
Affordable Art Fair, Sydney and Melbourne, Rushcutters Bay Gallery (2005)
Colenso Cafe, Woodend, Victoria, Australia (2005-2007)
Embrace Art Gallery, Woodend, Victoria, Australia (2003-2005)
Gange Editions, France
Senchi Publishing, Taiwan
Tin Shed Arts, Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia (2003-2004)
Osabah, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia (2003-2004)
The Pantechnicon, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia (2004)
First publishing of the Tao Oracle (2002)
National Gallery of Victoria (installation sponsored by Kazari 2002)
Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple Buddhist Museum, Sydney (2001)
Waterdragon Gallery, Fairfax, CA (1998)
Chalk Farm Gallery, London, UK (1996-1997)
First publishing of The Osho Zen Tarot (2005)
Art Unlimited, Singapore (1995-1996)
Osho International Gallery, London, UK (1995-1996)
Watkins, Covent Garden, art exhibition and book launch UK (1995)
India Today Arts, New Delhi, India (1994-1995)
Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, India (1993)
Oberoi Gallery Bombay, India (1992)
Meera Gallery, Osho International, Pune, India (1993-1995)
Van Gogh Studio, Osho International, Pune, India (1992)
La Vie en Rose, Florence, Italy (1989)
Labyrinth Publishing Switzerland (1989) − book illustrations for
Wonder Child, The Song of Eve, Good Magic, A History of the Future
Created One Sky Design Studio, Manchester, MA, USA (1988)
Houghton Mifflin, Educational Book Series − illustrations (1988)
LeeAnne Croft Designs, & Murals, Andover, MA, USA (1987-1988)
Dinnerman Books (San Diego, CA) 1988 − illustrated Children’s pop up books: Smooth and Round, Ladybug, Firefly, One Orange Orangutan

First travelled to India 1975
9 Rings Mural for Arica Institute, W.57th St. New York 1974
Commissioned to paint meditation yantras, Arica Institute, New York 1973
The Circle in the Square Gallery, Cambridge, MA 1973
Environmental Graphics Group, Cambridge, MA 1970 – 1973
Art Director The Boston Phoenix Newspaper 1969 – 1970
Art Director Boston After Dark Magazine 1968 – 1969
Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, USA 1966 – 1968
New England School of Art, USA 1965 – 1966

CD art, illustrations and design

Haisai Music,Japan − CD covers
New Earth Records, USA − CD covers
Open Sky Music, USA − CD covers
Fonix Music, Denmark − CD covers
Rebel Publishing, London, UK − book Illustrations
Wildflowers Institute, USA − illustration
Osho Center for Transformation, USA − CD covers and book illustrations
Creations Magazine USA − cover art and illustrations
Inquiring Mind − cover art and ongoing illustrations

Private collections

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Australia
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong, China
Bombay, New Delhi, Pune, India
Oslo, Norway
Florence, Italy
London, UK
Vancouver, Montreal, Canada
Boston, New York, San Francisco, Sedona, USA

In the United States her work can be seen at:
Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, Sedona, Arizona